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Jacco's Fractal Kitchen

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An As-Brief-As-Possible Introduction

I made this website a long, long time ago...

This website was meant to allow you to have a look in my 'fractal kitchen'. So if you are a user of a fractal program, not especially Fractint, you might find some usefull hints and ideas. If you came here just for viewing pleasure, I suggest you just ignore my comments and browse as you like.

This is an archive of my old fractals that I have send to the usenet newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.fractals as 'Fractals Of The Past'. I added some information about the fractals, and sometimes some additional images that explain how I created them.

I also included a few pages with hints.

In any case, I hope you will enjoy your visit!

You are also welcome to visit my other website where I keep my favorite fractals: Jacco's Fractal Pages

All fractals on this website are made with Fractint. All images on this website Jacco Burger.

Jacco Burger


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