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type manzpower
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All images on this page Jacco Burger.

Fractal Of The Past - 000

click here for 640 x 480 image

You can click on the thumbnail image above to see the image at size 640 x 480.

The type of this fractal is manzpower. The formula of this type is zp + c (or in full: zn+1 = znp + c), where in this case p = 3, so the actual formula is z3 + c.

The formula z3 + c is very simular to z2 + c, which produces the mandelbrot set. If you are familiar with the mandelbrot set, you probably won't have much difficulty finding your way in the set produced by  z3 + c.

The next sequence shows how I zoomed in to get the image:

  1. click here for 640 x 480 image The final result.