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type fn(z*z)

All images on this page Jacco Burger.

Fractal Of The Past - 001

click here for 640 x 480 image

You can click on the thumbnail image above to see the image at size 640 x 480.

The type of this fractal is fn(z*z), where fn = sqr, so the actual formula is sqr(z*z).

zoom001a.jpg (8948 bytes)In the original image I used a few outside options.

zoom001b.jpg (8842 bytes)I turned it inside out with the 'inversion' option (Y-screen). The result was a round
image with perfect centered symetry.

However, I like to give my fractals a natural look - whatever that is. That is why I often tend to avoid perfect symetry.

click here for 640 x 480 imageTo obtain this I shifted the inversion centre a bit, which resulted in the final image.