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Continous Potential
Limitations of Integer Math

All images on this page Jacco Burger.

Fractal Of The Past - 002

click here for 640 x 480 image

You can click on the thumbnail image above to see the image at size 640 x 480.

The type of this fractal is fn+fn, in this case sin+sinh. Continuous potential is in use (Y-screen).

It was later when I discovered that this fractal is caused by something what is often referred to as the Integer Math bug.

When switched to floating point  calculation the image is completely blank! (Or purple, in this case).
Floating point calculation is more accurate than integer math, so some people might argue that this is the "right" image.

If you use Fractint, and often switch between integer math and floating point math, you might learn to recognise the integer math artifacts in many Fractint images. For instance, in this image the fractal doesn't have infinite self-similarity, it just suddenly stops. It has a limited number of similar segments, while a "genuine" fractal would have a infinite number of segments.

Though one might argue about this Integer Math bug being inaccurate, or maybe even "wrong", I consider it as just one of the many charming little features of Fractint.