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All images on this page Jacco Burger.

Fractal Of The Past - 006

click here for 640 x 480 image

You can click on the thumbnail image above to see the image at size 640 x 480.

The type of this fractal is Julia.

I started with the Mandelbrot fractal. The next sequence shows how I zoomed in to get the 'root' for the Julia fractal:

The crosshair in the previous image indicates the "root" for the Julia fractal. In Fractint you get this by just pressing the spacebar.

Pressing the spacebar again brings up the julia fractal.

I changed the outside option to 'summ'.

Next I applied the Inversion option (on the 'Y-xcreen' in Fractint). Basically this turns the image inside out. In the previous image you can see the center of the inversion, indicated with the crosshair.

click here for 640 x 480 imageFinally I choose a color map.

For Ultra Fractal there is also a general inversion formula, written by Damien Jones (click on 'mapping'  in the properties window and look for 'general inversion'   in file 'dmj'). It is a transformation formula with much more options than the inversion option of Fracint. But in both cases it is a very effective tool to make interesting images out of ordinary fractals.