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All images on this page Jacco Burger.

Fractal Of The Past - 009

click here for 640 x 480 image

You can click on the thumbnail image above to see the image at size 640 x 480.

The type of this fractal is Mandelbrot.

The next sequence shows how I zoomed in.

Next I changed the drawing method and the bailout test option:

I changed the drawing method to 'tesseral' and used the fillcolor option.

I changed the bailout test to 'manr' (Z-screen).

The Complete Index to Fractint's documentation gives us the following explanation about Tesseral drawing:

" Tesseral ("t") is a sort of "super-solid-guessing" option that successively divides the image into subsections and colors  in rectangles that have a boundary of a solid color. It's actually slower than the solid-guessing algorithm, but it looks neat, so we left it in. "

Actually, I think it is fun to see how tesseral drawing works.

click here for 640 x 480 imageFinally I choose a color map.