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Index to Fractint Documentation

Hint 1

Fractint has an excellent documentation file, called FRACTINT.DOC. Before you open it you have to decompress it by going to the DOS-prompt and type:

fractint makedoc <Enter>

Allthough this file has the .doc extension, it is not a MS-Word file. It is a plain textfile, so it can be opened in all the common wordprocessing software.

Of course you do not need to read the whole file, but I suggest you read at least the following:

  • chapter 1 - Fractint commands (page 10 to 30)

  • chapter 3 - Doodads, Bells and Whistles (page 75 to 89)

  • chapter 5 - Command Line Parameters, Parameter Files, Batch Mode (page 104 to 128, or at least most of it)

There is also some usefull background information, especially in chapter 8 - Fractals and the PC.

Fractint's documentation is also available in Fractint through the F1 key. It works as what software developers call "case sensitive help". In other words, what information pops up, depends on what you were doing (on the computer, that is) when you pressed the F1 key. It might be a bit tricky to find your way around through the screens, though.

Nowadays Fractint's documentation is also hosted at the  Spanky Fractal Database (http://spanky.triumf.ca/www/fractint/findex.html).

Speaking for myself, I learned the most from just reading the Fractint documentation. It taught me where to find all the buttons and what they do. Fractint has quite a few options that you probably would never find if they would not be pointed out to you!